Performs professional legal and administrative work providing legal services to the Police Department, including advice on employment, civil and criminal matters, preparation of contracts, pleadings, search warrants and other legal documents, training of law enforcement personnel, review of departmental policies, labor issues and Code Enforcement. This position reports to the Chief of Police. Generally, the employee works independently of the City Attorney; however, the employee is expected to cooperate with the City Attorney and Risk Manager in protecting the interests of the City as they relate to civil liability arising from police operations.




Researches and makes recommendations on legal questions referred by the Chief of Police or other Police personnel.


Initiates and prosecutes lawsuits seeking the civil forfeiture of contraband property, including real property, motor vehicles, and cash.


Defends the police department in certain lawsuits arising from police operations.


Represents the police department before the Code Enforcement Board.


Drafts or assists in drafting police-related city ordinances for presentation to the City Council.


Drafts contracts and other legal documents, including mutual aid agreements, to facilitate police operations.


Provides formal legal opinions on matters affecting police operations, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, Police Officers’ Bill of Rights, Public Records Law and Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Reviews police department policies and procedures to ensure compliance with law.


Prepares legal bulletins on changes in law affecting law enforcement.


Assists the department with in-service training of department personnel regarding statutory and case law developments.


Performs legal research and studies in the precedents, case trends, rulings and laws affecting police operations.


Works in conjunction with the City Attorney and Risk Manager in protecting the interests of the City as they relate to civil liability arising from police operations.

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Serves as liaison between the police department and State Attorney’s Office regarding criminal cases.


Monitors and advises the Chief of current court decisions and legislation affecting the operations, practices, and policies of the Department; attends meetings of the Chief's staff to advise on legal issues and relevant legislation and court decisions.


Reviews all existing and proposed policies and procedures, orders, manuals and training bulletins.


Occasionally litigates Police Department cases not covered by Risk Management in the state and federal courts and conducts all relevant discovery.


Supervises, assigns, and reviews the work of a professional and clerical staff; evaluates performance and recommends such personnel actions as hire, promotion, salary increases, discipline, etc.


Participates in continuing legal education programs and seminars to maintain skills and licensure.


This position does not have final procurement authority.


Performs other related duties as required.




Extensive knowledge of City of Plantation ordinances and charter provisions, and of state, federal and constitutional law.


Extensive knowledge of judicial procedures, rules of evidence and methods of legal research.


Extensive knowledge of established precedents and sources of legal reference applicable to municipal activities, particularly in the law enforcement area.


Demonstrated ability to prepare and try civil law cases before county, state and federal courts.


Skill in conducting research on complex legal issues and preparing sound legal opinions.


Ability to interpret and apply legal principles and precedents in resolving complex legal problems.


Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.




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Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with members of the Police Department, governmental and private practice attorneys, local judges, law enforcement agency representatives, City employees and the general public.


Ability to plan, assign and review the work of professional, technical and clerical employees.


Ability to research, analyze and prepare a wide variety of complex legal documents.




Law degree (J.D. or LL.B) from an accredited school of law, with at least 1 year of experience practicing criminal or labor law. Must be an attorney at law in good standing in Florida, and possess a license to practice law in the State of Florida. Must pass police background investigation which includes polygraph.


This is a designated “Recovery” classification in the City’s Emergency Operations Plan and will require the employee occupying this position to work for declared emergencies. Attendance at National Incident Management System (NIMS) training at the appropriate level is mandatory.


New: 03/15/2010

REV: 12/2011



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