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The Plantation Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit is located in the Citizen Outreach Center in the Westfield Broward Mall, 8000 W. Broward Boulevard, at the North Entrance of the Mall, between Sears Garden Center and Dillards. This unit has implemented numerous community based programs throughout Plantation which all strive to address quality of life issues in Plantation’s neighborhoods.

no-trespassingTrespass Program: This program is a Law Enforcement/Community cooperation initiative that enables the Police to enhance probable cause requirements upon detecting suspicious activity in a community. This is facilitated through a written agreement (affidavit) between the Community Association, Homeowners Group or Management Group and Law Enforcement Officials which authorizes Police Officers to act as the community’s representatives when enforcing Florida State Statues relating to trespassing.

Multi-family properties, businesses and HOA’s may participate, but only common areas are covered; the individual residential units are not (i.e. individuals invited to visit an occupant cannot be barred from the entire complex)

Neighborhood Watch Program: Neighborhood Watch is a community action program that relies on mutual cooperation aimed at reducing crime in the neighborhood watch community. This program establishes a formal network for concerned citizens to communicate with other neighbors and the police and in turn become more aware of the activity that occurs in their neighborhoods.

Shoplifting Program: The Shoplifting Program is an aggressive anti-retail theft initiative directed at awareness and deterrence tactics for the businesses of Plantation. The program educates store employees, making them aware of the methods and tactics that shoplifters use to commit retail theft. Once the employees of a business establishment complete this training, the store is issued a sign from the Crime Prevention Unit, to be displayed in the front window, indicated that the store has entered into a partnership with the Police Department to prosecute shoplifting offenders..

Child Identification Program: A collaboration between the Plantation Police Department and the Missing Children Awareness Foundation, Inc., this program provides parents with a personal identification card for their child or children. This card contains a record of all physical, dental and other identifiable information about the child’s features, abilities and habits. The card also contains a hair sample for DNA testing and also includes a recent photo, thumb print and important child safety tips.KIDSINFO:

The Plantation Police Crime Prevention Unit provides Child ID Cards for parents that can be vital in the event the child becomes missing. The Child ID Card system provides parents with a durable photo ID that they carry with them to provide valuable information to law enforcement officers in the event of an emergency.

For more information please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (954) 916-5601 or

Operation Identification: Being caught in the act is a thief’s greatest risk and their second highest risk is being caught “red handed” with the incriminating evidence, the property they have stolen. With modern mass-produced appliances, electronics and products looking identical, the police have no way of identifying recovered property as stolen goods unless the serial number is available or the item has been marked with a property owner’s unique number. Every year, law enforcement agencies across the country auction millions of dollars worth of recovered lost or stolen property because of the lack of identification. If an item has been marked, however, the information can be entered into state and national law enforcement computer networks to trace these goods in any matter of seconds and the owner can be identified. This knowledge alone may act as a major deterrent to a potential thief since items that can be traced back to their original owner’s bring a lower price on the street, making the thief’s efforts less rewarding.

If you would like more information regarding these or any other crime prevention programs, community meetings, or tours for youth groups, please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at

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