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January 2019

Community Service Aide Angela Beamer

Victim Advocate Deborah Geller

Officer Christopher Powell

Sergeant James Walters

From September 12, through November 7, 2019 several dedicated members of the department began the undertaking of teaching their coworkers the task of searching for missing persons suffering from memory loss and how to provide support to their caregivers.  Members of the team assigned to the Lost on Foot Training studied the illnesses associated with memory and cognitive impairments. In addition, they met with experts in the field who provided guidance with developing the training.  The training team implemented an internal class which educates and enhances officer’s skills.

May 2019

Officer Robert Zaragoza

Officer Zaragoza was dispatched to a hotel in reference to a homeless male and female accompanied by three young children loitering in the lobby.  The couple advised they had been homeless for years, and refused any help with their children.  Officer Zaragoza offered them services which they declined, and they left the hotel without incident.  He found no probable cause at the time, but needed a resolution to the situation for the children.  He checked the department’s records and found that officers had multiple encounters with this family.  There were multiple written reports, field interviews, Homeless Task Force Intervention, and child protective investigations.  The children had also been subject to criminal acts of domestic violence, parental drug use, theft, trespassing, and fraud committed by their parents.  Officer Zaragoza documented his findings in a lengthy report and prepared not-in-custody probable cause affidavits.  While many officers fulfilled their obligations to handle their respective calls for service, Officer Zaragoza was able to combine all the incidents to establish criminal charges.

Community Service Award 

January 2019

Officer Michael Brutto

Officer Brutto came upon a mother and child who had been displaced from the Bahamas due to Hurricane Dorian.  The mother’s attempts to locate housing did not work out. Officer Brutto paid for the mother and child to stay at a hotel through the holiday season.  Eventually, she was able to get an efficiency, gain employment and place her son in school.  He went above the call of duty to help this family.

January 2019

Officer Chavez Grant

Officer Makenzy Simeon

Officers Grant and Simeon were on routine patrol and observed a young man playing basketball at a Plantation park.  They learned that he practiced a lot because he was on the Plantation High School basketball team.  The officers began to shoot baskets with the young man, and noticed that his ball was in bad condition.  The next day, they noticed the same young man while on patrol and agreed they would split the cost to purchase a new basketball.  A short time later both officers presented the basketball to the young man who was overwhelmed with gratitude.

June 2019

Officer Iris Stan

Officer Stan became aware that a male employee at Chili’s in Plantation, was making a long journey to the location from his residence every work day on a dilapidated bicycle that only had one pedal.  Officer Stan elected to quietly pursue a resolution.  She contacted the management officer at her apartment complex, and arranged to take possession of one of their unclaimed bikes.  She then ensured that the employee was provided with his new bicycle, all without attempting to bring light to her actions within the department.

December 2019

Officer Miguel Lopez 

Officer Lopez responded to a traffic crash where a 9 year old boy was struck on a bicycle by an SUV.  Even though the boy was not wearing a helmet, his injuries were minor, but his bicycle was destroyed.  Contact with the boy’s family revealed that he resides with five additional juvenile siblings.  It was apparent to Officer Lopez that the family did not have the financial means to replace his damaged bicycle.   He made arrangements with the boy’s mother to have her take him to pick out a helmet and a new bicycle and a local department store, to which Officer Lopez paid for it himself.

Distinguished Performance Award

April 2019

Officer Venson Marcellon

Officer Marcellon was traveling to work along South State Road 7. While at an intersection, he was stopped in traffic behind a U-Haul vehicle. He noticed a black Mercedes stopped alongside of the U-Haul with its windows down. He observed the driver of the Mercedes point a silver object in the direction of the U-Haul, which caused the driver of the U-Haul to speed through the intersection disregarding the red traffic light. Officer Marcellon caught up to the U-Haul which contained three occupants. The driver of that vehicle informed Officer Marcellon that the driver of the Mercedes had pointed a gun at him. Officer Marcellon acted quickly, initiating a traffic stop on the Mercedes. He secured the driver of the Mercedes. While he detained him, he discovered a fully loaded .40 caliber handgun from his waistband. The driver of the Mercedes also was a convicted felon for drug trafficking. They ultimately found 565.4 grams of marijuana and 270 grams of THC oil being transported inside. Officer Marcellon removed a gun off the streets of a convicted felon dealing narcotics.

May 2019

Officer Luis Rivera

Officer William Tighe II

Plantation Police received a 911 call from a female who stated her boyfriend, an 80 yr old male, was in the backyard of his residence, attempting to commit suicide.  Units responded, and the subject was observed under the trees laying on 2 blankets, holding a revolver to his head.  Officer Rivera took a position behind a wooden shadowbox fence to communicate with the subject.  Officer Tighe took a position and joined him.  As the subject held the revolver to his head, the officers were firm but empathetic as they spoke to him.  The subject eventually put the gun down and was safely detained.

November 2019

Lieutenant Jessica Ryan

Sergeant Nelson Diaz

Sergeant CeJay Hammack

Sergeant Edward Ryan

Sergeant Charles Watts

On July 6, 2019, Patrol Officers responded to a report of an explosion.  The source was unknown as information was trickling in.  Upon arrival they were told the roof had collapsed inside LA Fitness and they should be prepared for the possibility of a secondary explosion.  Yet, the officers acted and incorporated measures to preserve the lives of those impacted, while attempting to identify whether loss of life had transpired.  These leaders were vital to establishing components of the Incident Command System and determining locations for the Command Post, the Debriefing Staging Area, the Public Reunification Staging Area, the Media Staging Area, and the Medical/Triage Staging Area.  They faced the challenges of this event with great discipline, confidence, and great competence as well.

 Lifesaving Award

April 2020

Officer Basil Mullings
Officer Brett O’Hara
Officer Junior Santiago

On April 25, 2020, Plantation Dispatch received a report of a drowning, which had just occurred. The subject had been drinking on a property for an undetermined amount of time and subsequently stumbled into a canal bank, where he began to try to swim back to land. The subject had been under water for approximately 3-5 minutes. Before dispatch advised the officers of the call, Officer Santiago, who was in the area at the time, observed the panicked citizens flagging him down for assistance. Officer Santiago determined the subject was unconscious and not breathing. Officer Santiago performed CPR, until Officer Basil Mullings and Officer Brett O’Hara arrived to assist. At this point all three officers rendered aid to the subject until Plantation EMS arrived and relieved them. Thanks to the quick and diligent efforts of these officers, rescue was able to reestablish a pulse and he was transported to Westside Regional Medical Center.

May 2020

Officer Daniel Bugallo
Officer Thomas Bickham

On May 8, 2020, Plantation Dispatch received a report of a drowning. A baby had snuck out of the bed he was sharing with his parents while they were taking a nap at an unknown time. When the parents woke up they realized their child was missing and immediately began to look for him, only to discover that he exited the residence through a doggy door and was faced down floating in their pool. It was not known how long the baby was under water. Officer Bugallo assessed the child and determined he was unconscious and not breathing. Officer Bugallo started CPR with Officer Bickham, who arrived shortly after and continued to perform these measures on the child until Plantation EMS arrived. Plantation EMS relieved Officer Bickham, but continued to have Officer Bugallo give the child chest compressions up to the point that Plantation General ER staff were taking over life-saving measures from Plantation EMS. After sometime, ER staff were able to reestablish a pulse.

 Meritorious Award 

November 2019

Officer Michael Baranet

Officer Daniel Bugallo

Officer Shayne Highfield

Officer Kathyrn Maher

Officer Zachary Silvey

Officer Makenzy Simeon

Officer Tyler Stahly

Officer Jennifer Tofexis

On July 6, 2019, Officers had been dispatched to a report of an explosion.  The officers did not know whether loss of life had occurred and/or whether there may have been people either suffering or deceased while trapped under the debris.  It was also unknown to these officers whether any of the other buildings would collapse, or whether the buildings and cars in the lot would explode or catch on fire.  Nevertheless,  the officers conducted their search and rescue efforts.  These officers faced fear and uncertainty in action, initiating rescue efforts to those injured and others fleeing from affected neighboring businesses.

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