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January 2019

Community Service Aide Angela Beamer

Victim Advocate Deborah Geller

Officer Christopher Powell

Sergeant James Walters

From September 12, through November 7, 2019 several dedicated members of the department began the undertaking of teaching their coworkers the task of searching for missing persons suffering from memory loss and how to provide support to their caregivers.  Members of the team assigned to the Lost on Foot Training studied the illnesses associated with memory and cognitive impairments. In addition, they met with experts in the field who provided guidance with developing the training.  The training team implemented an internal class which educates and enhances officer’s skills.

May 2019

Officer Robert Zaragoza

Officer Zaragoza was dispatched to a hotel in reference to a homeless male and female accompanied by three young children loitering in the lobby.  The couple advised they had been homeless for years, and refused any help with their children.  Officer Zaragoza offered them services which they declined, and they left the hotel without incident.  He found no probable cause at the time, but needed a resolution to the situation for the children.  He checked the department’s records and found that officers had multiple encounters with this family.  There were multiple written reports, field interviews, Homeless Task Force Intervention, and child protective investigations.  The children had also been subject to criminal acts of domestic violence, parental drug use, theft, trespassing, and fraud committed by their parents.  Officer Zaragoza documented his findings in a lengthy report and prepared not-in-custody probable cause affidavits.  While many officers fulfilled their obligations to handle their respective calls for service, Officer Zaragoza was able to combine all the incidents to establish criminal charges.

Community Service Award 

June 2020

Officer Grace

On June 9th, 2020, Motorcycle Officer Grace worked a traffic control post near Central Park for a food distribution event. As he exited his vehicle at his residence at the end of the day, Officer Grace was approached by a neighbor and her teenage son who opened up a dialogue regarding recent events between minorities and law enforcement. Despite being physically exhausted from directing traffic in 95 plus degree weather all day, Officer Grace spent approximately the next three hours with the family. During this time Officer Grace conducted numerous role playing scenarios with the teenager where they took turns playing the Officer and motorist in a traffic stop scenario and even letting the teenager operate his speed monitoring laser. His purpose was to demonstrate how and why certain aspects of policing is done and to break down common misconceptions. Days later the teenager’s mother posted about her positive interaction online indicating that she had a new perspective. Officer Grace’s actions on his personal time demonstrate his compassion and professionalism and were able to create a positive interaction with members of the community.


Distinguished Performance Award

June 2020

Sergeant Brown

As a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) was in high demand and short supply. The Plantation Police Department faced the same challenges that other first responders and healthcare professionals across the nation were facing in obtaining this equipment. Sergeant Brown was tasked with acquiring additional PPE in order to protect members of the department so that operational readiness could be maintained. Sergeant Brown devoted an immense amount of time and effort to obtain additional supplies from various locations throughout the tri-county area. Many of his attempts were not fruitful however, through his perseverance he was able to acquire 1200 N95/R95 respirators, 3200 surgical masks, a medical grade thermometer, and 2 quarts of hand sanitizer. Sergeant Brown’s commitment to duty, all while maintaining his primary function of Office of Internal Affairs, undoubtedly kept the members of the Plantation Police Department safe during the pandemic.


 Lifesaving Award

April 2020

Officer Basil Mullings
Officer Brett O’Hara
Officer Junior Santiago

On April 25, 2020, Plantation Dispatch received a report of a drowning, which had just occurred. The subject had been drinking on a property for an undetermined amount of time and subsequently stumbled into a canal bank, where he began to try to swim back to land. The subject had been under water for approximately 3-5 minutes. Before dispatch advised the officers of the call, Officer Santiago, who was in the area at the time, observed the panicked citizens flagging him down for assistance. Officer Santiago determined the subject was unconscious and not breathing. Officer Santiago performed CPR, until Officer Basil Mullings and Officer Brett O’Hara arrived to assist. At this point all three officers rendered aid to the subject until Plantation EMS arrived and relieved them. Thanks to the quick and diligent efforts of these officers, rescue was able to reestablish a pulse and he was transported to Westside Regional Medical Center.

May 2020

Officer Daniel Bugallo
Officer Thomas Bickham

On May 8, 2020, Plantation Dispatch received a report of a drowning. A baby had snuck out of the bed he was sharing with his parents while they were taking a nap at an unknown time. When the parents woke up they realized their child was missing and immediately began to look for him, only to discover that he exited the residence through a doggy door and was faced down floating in their pool. It was not known how long the baby was under water. Officer Bugallo assessed the child and determined he was unconscious and not breathing. Officer Bugallo started CPR with Officer Bickham, who arrived shortly after and continued to perform these measures on the child until Plantation EMS arrived. Plantation EMS relieved Officer Bickham, but continued to have Officer Bugallo give the child chest compressions up to the point that Plantation General ER staff were taking over life-saving measures from Plantation EMS. After sometime, ER staff were able to reestablish a pulse.

June 2020

Officer Pollmann

On June 22nd, 2020 at approximately 4:09 a.m., a 911 call was received regarding a 27 year old female who was not breathing. Officer Pollmann arrived at the residence approximately two and a half minutes after the call was received and discovered the female in cardiac arrest. The female had complained of chest pain in the previous days but otherwise had no known medical conditions. Without hesitation Officer Pollmann began immediate lifesaving efforts by performing CPR. A pulse was regained and care was transferred to Plantation EMS and subsequently to Westside Regional Medical Center.

Meritorious Award 

November 2019

Officer Michael Baranet

Officer Daniel Bugallo

Officer Shayne Highfield

Officer Kathyrn Maher

Officer Zachary Silvey

Officer Makenzy Simeon

Officer Tyler Stahly

Officer Jennifer Tofexis

On July 6, 2019, Officers had been dispatched to a report of an explosion.  The officers did not know whether loss of life had occurred and/or whether there may have been people either suffering or deceased while trapped under the debris.  It was also unknown to these officers whether any of the other buildings would collapse, or whether the buildings and cars in the lot would explode or catch on fire.  Nevertheless,  the officers conducted their search and rescue efforts.  These officers faced fear and uncertainty in action, initiating rescue efforts to those injured and others fleeing from affected neighboring businesses.

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