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Plantation Police Department

Other Awards


Chief’s Award


Law Enforcement Professional Award


Officer of the Month
Shayne Highfield – September 2019
Thomas Bickham – August 2019
Casey Smith – May 2019
Natasha King – March 2019
Adam Mund – February 2019
Brian McVeigh – January 2019 
Courtney Fish, December 2018
William Latham – November 2018
Jake Steele – November 2018
Lee Bieber – October 2018


Distinguished Performance Award
Officers Luis Rivera and Officer William Tighe IIOfficer Robert Zaragoza,  Officer Venson Marcellon, Officer Robert Hogg, Officer Mark Iasillo, Officer Carlos Labastilla, Officer Cristian Palmieri, Officer Alexander Pelosi, Officer Nicholas Pelosi, Officer Tyler Stahly, Officer Michael Umpierre, Officer Chase Zandick, K-9 Officer Daryl Radziwon, SRO Officer Wade Walcott, Validations Assistant Maximina Marte,
Sergeant Eugene Petrino, Sergeant James Walters, Officer Mary Barth, Officer Craig Boermeester, Officer Lucretia Brito, Officer Sander Entus, Officer Shawn Gilligan, Officer James R. Hamilton, Officer William Hamilton, Officer Jay Kowalewski, Officer Joseph Miller, Officer Christopher Powell, Officer Brian Radziwon, Officer Sorada Toman, Officer Wade Walcott, Reserve Officer Christian Martin, Communications Manager Kevin Grams, Lead Dispatcher Erin Lubow


Community Service Award 
Officer Iris Stan

Officer Chavez Grant

Officer Makenzy Simeon

Officer Mitchell Fraska III

Officer Shayne Highfield


Lifesaving award

Officer Casey Mittauer

Officer Kathryn Maher  and Chase Zandick

Officers  Jason Broskie, Jeffrey Canary & Robert Hogg

Sergeant Edward Ryan

Officer Gary Moore




CRT Citation Award 

Captain Steve Geller, Officer William Edwards, Dr. Vincent Van  Hasselt,  Officers Jennifer Tofexis, Mark Pollmann, Luis Rivera, Lucrecia Brito, Sgt. David Khaleel, Officers Mary Barth, Michael Umpierre,  Jake Steele, Christopher Powell & William Tighe 

Unit Citation Award  

Dispatcher Tarra Hernandez, Dispatcher Cathy Smith, Complaint Operator Idalia Gandero, Dispatcher Dawn Patterson  & Lead Dispatcher Ashley Williams 

Unit Citation Award 

Sergeant Steve Huskisson, Officer James S. Annin, Officer Mary Barth, Officer Sander Entus, Officer Shawn Gilligan, Officer James Hamilton, Officer William Hamilton, Officer Susie Poux, Officer Jennifer Tofexis, Officer Sorada Toman, Officer Wade Walcott, and Officer Jeff Young

Guard and Reserve Patriot Award


Commendation Award

Sergeant James Walters

Officer Christopher Powell

Victim Advocate Deborah Geller

Community Service Aide Angela Beamer


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