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Just as it was from its inception in 1957, the Suppression Division of the Plantation Fire Department is 100% volunteer and functions as a traditional volunteer fire department.

Members are assigned to a station within two minutes driving time of their homes. When a fire is reported, members are summoned from their homes or work, via alerting pagers, and respond to their station. As soon as a crew of three or more are assembled, they board the fire truck and respond to the scene of the incident. Using this method the department proudly boasts an average response time of six minutes or less when responding to an emergency call.

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High Rating                                                                                                                  

Plantation maintains an ISO Two (2) rating from the Insurance Services Office (ISO). Fire departments are rated on a scale from One to 10, with one being the highest.  There are only 60 fire departments in Florida with a rating of two or higher. ISO ratings have a direct impact fire insurance rates.


Technology Gives Firefighters the Edge
The members respond to more than 200 requests for fire services each month.  The Suppression Division uses the latest in technology to aid them in providing the best possible service.


Computer Aided Dispatch
Through our Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, firefighters receive up to the minute information about a fire situation, building floor plans, stored chemicals or occupancy details.  They also have a computerized mapping and Global Positioning Software that provides them with the shortest possible route to the scene of an incident.

Traffic Preemption

In any emergency situation, time is of the essence.  And, fighting through traffic in an urban setting is always a challenge.  Plantation’s emergency responders use a traffic light preemption system from 3M which causes traffic lights, within their direction of travel, to turn green as they approach.  This allows traffic to flow, in effect, giving them right of way.


Thermal Imaging Cameras
When faced with fire or heavy smoke, firefighters use thermal cameras to quickly search a room looking for trapped victims.  The thermal cameras also help firefighters search for hidden fire in walls and attics. Currently the department has eight thermal cameras on all its first line apparatus.



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