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Specialty Teams

The Plantation Fire Department provides Specialized Teams, with specific training and equipment, who are qualified to respond to a variety of unique situations or events.

Dive Rescue Team
Dive teamOur Nationally recognized, Dive Rescue Team responds to any and all situations involving water related references. (e.g. car in canal, drownings in lakes or canals, evidence recovery, water searches).

Water related incidents are dispatched as “Rescue” or “Recovery” responses.  A rescue response is initiated when there is an immediate or perceived threat to life.  These include occupied cars in canals, possible drownings, etc. Recovery mode is enacted when there is no emergency.  These include evidence recovery, cars that appear to have been submerged for some time, or body recovery.

The Diver    strapping car

The team is divided into two parts: An “A” team and a “B” team. “A” team divers are trained to enter the water under emergent conditions and as a result respond to all Rescue mode calls. ”B” team divers may enter the water for Recovery calls but may only assist, on shore during rescue calls.

All divers are certified through Dive Rescue International as Public Safety Divers or Rescue Divers.

Hazardous Materials
Haz Mat
        HazMat 2

Plantation supports a “Level B” Hazardous Materials (Haz-mat) team.  The team is specially trained to mitigate small to moderate sized hazards such as gas leaks, fuel spills or small amounts of spilled chemicals.

During larger hazardous materials incidents, involving specialized protective suits or complicated situations (Level A), the team provides support to any of the four, level A teams responding from across Broward County.  Level A hazmat response teams are provided by Broward County Fire Rescue, Sunrise Fire Rescue, Hollywood Fire Rescue and Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue.

Honor Guard
Cool honor guard    memorial 2

The Plantation Fire Department’s award-winning Honor Guard, under the direction of Battalion Chief Rudy Gabor, is present at all public events requiring flag ceremonies or special honors. The honor guard leads the Fire Department at annual parades, as well as presenting the colors at funerals, memorial services and greeting dignitaries.

SWAT Medics



Plantation boasts a corps of elite paramedics and EMTs who are highly trained to respond with the Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team. Our SWAT medics are trained in specialized combat medical techniques and carry specialized equipment to manage an injured person under highly stressful situations.

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