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General Questions and Answers Concerning the Code Enforcement Process

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Plantation is a community that is safe and beautifully landscaped.  Code Compliance plays an important role in preserving these “good life” standards that we all enjoy as residents of Plantation. To ensure that our community remains beautiful and well-maintained, the City has created the “good neighbor” voluntary code compliance initiative.  This initiative is aimed at preventing code violations by educating property owners about the more common violations such as overgrown lawns.  This approach is preferred to enforcement and litigation actions which require more time and prolong positive results, often resulting in additional fines.

Resolving Code Complaints
The Code Compliance Division is under the direction of the Police Department.  Code complaints may be made to the Code Enforcement Division at any time during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.) by dialing (954) 797-2267 or after hours at the Police Department by dialing (954) 797-2100.  All life threatening emergencies should immediately be reported by dialing 9-1-1.  All highly imminent hazardous code violations should be immediately reported by dialing (954) 797-2100.  The Police, Fire/Rescue or other emergency specialists will respond to these emergencies.

Courtesy Notice – Door Hanger or Verbal Warning
A door hanger may be left at the location of a violation, with written instructions describing the type of violation, a suggested method of correction and the number of days to meet compliance.  A re-inspection of the property will determine if the violation has been corrected.  If compliance is not met, then enforcement action will begin.

Notice of Violation and Other Remedies
The official Notice of Violation (NOV) begins the process for the non-compliant violator to appear before the Code Enforcement Board or Special Magistrate if the violation is not corrected.  Property owners who fail to comply will be given notice of the board hearings in person, by certified mail or by posting(s) on the property.  Continuing violations may result in severe fines, liens and foreclosure.

Code Enforcement Common Violations to Avoid

  • Abandoned Vehicles – An abandoned vehicle, defined as any vehicle that does not have a valid, un-expired license plate affixed to or displayed on the vehicle or a vehicle that is inoperable, is not permitted in the open upon public or private property.
  • Building Numbers – All buildings, including homes, shall have numbers located on the building or in the front yard clearly visible from the adjacent road.  The numbers shall be at least four inches in height for residential and at least six inches in height for all other buildings and in a contrasting color to the background.
  • Commercial Vehicles – Any commercial vehicle or bus parked in a residential district is prohibited unless it is completely enclosed in a garage, within the confines of a carport or parked within an accessory building.
  • Fences/Walls – All fences and walls shall be maintained in good repair and in an upright condition and free from graffiti.
  • Garage Sales/Signs – Garage sales on residential properties are limited to two per year.  One sign may be placed at the residence and no more than three directional signs may be permitted within the swale of any two-lane street with residential properties on both sides and set back five feet from the edge of pavement.
  • Noise – No person shall make or create excessive, unnecessary or offensive sound within the City.  Construction activity may be performed between the hours of 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM of any weekday and Saturday.  Lawn maintenance equipment may be operated between the hours of 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM.
  • Overgrown Property – The growth of grass, weeds, or brush may not exceed a height of twelve inches or accumulate for more than three months.
  • Swimming Pools – All pools shall have a safety barrier in the form of either a screen enclosure, fence or wall and must enclose the pool entirely.  Gates shall be self-closing and have a spring lock so that the gate shall be closed at all times.  Pools must be at all times be maintained so as not to constitute a sanitary nuisance.  Water shall be clear without visible dirt, debris, or scum.
  • Prohibited Temporary Signs – No person shall post, paste, nail or fasten any sign, notice or advertisement of any kind on any curbstone, sidewalk, upon any trees, lamp post, telephone/utility poles, bridges or any structure within the limits of the City.  Pennants, banners, flags, whirlers, streamers, balloons or other devices intended for attracting attention of passersby are not permitted.
  • Recreational Vehicles – Boats/motor homes/trailers/campers may be parked within a garage, carport or accessory building or in the side or rear yard and reasonably obscured from adjacent properties with solid fencing, dense shrubbery, a wall or any combination thereof.
  • Association/Condominium/Homeowner – It is important to remember that a resident of Plantation may have to adhere to deed restrictions and condominium /homeowners association rules that are more restrictive than City Codes.  Should a community be under a homeowners association, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to review any deed restrictions listed in his/her documents in order to fully understand his/her responsibility and any regulated subjects in his/her neighborhood.  The City does not enforce these rules.

If you have additional Code Enforcement questions or problems and wish to e-mail your questions, please click here.

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