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Visit to see if you qualify to receive a rebate of up to $100, per toilet, to replace pre-1994 toilets with high efficiency toilets.  You may contact a City of Plantation representative at (954) 797-2293 to learn more about the program.


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Permanent Twice-per-week Landscape Watering Schedule 

Water restrictions for Broward County allow lawn irrigation 2 days a week for all property sizes. (Broward County approved Ordinance (Ordinance No. 2010-01), which applies to all cities in Broward County.) The best hours for maximum watering benefit is midnight to 7:00 AM or 4:00 PM to 11:59 PM.

  • WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS for Residents and Businesses with an ODD numbered street address (ending in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9)
  • THURSDAYS AND SUNDAYS for Residents and Businesses with an with an EVEN numbered street address (ending in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8), no street address, or who water both even and odd addresses within the same zones, including multi-family units and Homeowner Associations

The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) recommends the efficient use of water, which includes placing a maximum of about three-quarters of an inch to an inch of water, once per week, on lawns and accomplishing irrigation during the early morning hours when temperatures and wind speed are the lowest to reduce evaporation losses.

We strongly encourage residents to conserve water.  If the City of Plantation residents and businesses permanently reduce our per capita water consumption, we may be able to delay or eliminate the need for costly alternative water supply projects.

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Water conservation can be practiced year-round, indoors and outdoors.  Habitual water conservation efforts impact weather extremes and the growing demands on the limited water supply needed by Florida’s residents, the economy, and our environment.

Basic water conservation practices include:

  • Replacing aerators in kitchen and bathroom sinks with low-flow models rated for 1.5 gallons per minute or less
  • Watering the lawn based on its actual needs and following the District’s year-round landscape irrigation water conservation measures and/or local ordinances
  • Installing low-flow appliances, such as a dishwasher or energy-efficient washing machine
  • Installing low-flow water fixtures, such as showerheads, high-efficiency toilets that use 1.28 gallons per flush.

Log onto to learn more about the importance of water conservation, and how to save by calculating your water usage.

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Launched in October 2011, the Broward Water Partnership (BWP) is a coalition of 18 Broward County municipalities and water utilities created to educate residents and businesses about water resources and the importance of conserving water for current and future sustainability. The BWP has promoted water conservation throughout Broward County through various forms of media. It has awarded rebates to participating residents and businesses.

To avoid costly alternate water sources it is essential that residents and businesses continue to practice or adopt water conservation habits to meet our current and future needs.


Conserve water today, benefit from water conservation tomorrow.

Water is a vital, natural and extremely limited resource that affects the quality of our lives. Less than 1% of the world’s water is usable for drinking and irrigation.

Florida faces a sustainability issue as the population continues to grow. The State’s overall water conservation goal is to prevent and reduce wasteful, uneconomical, impractical or unreasonable use of water resources. The good news is that water conservation is the easiest and least expensive method to meet water demands today and in the future.

Residents and businesses, join us as partners in helping to reduce our consumption and meet sustainability goals! Reducing your household or business water consumption by five gallons a day is a great start. Here are ways to save five gallons a day:

  1. Turn off the faucets while shaving, brushing your teeth, lathering your hands or face. Install a bathroom sink aerator that uses 1 gallon of water a minute.
  2. Run only full loads of laundry or a full dishwasher.  (New models of clothes washers and dishwashers save a lot of water!)
  3. Keep a bottle of cold tap water in the refrigerator so you avoid the cost of wasting running water while waiting for it to cool.
  4. Install water-saving shower heads and faucet aerators.
  5. Fix all leaks:  toilets, all indoor faucets and outdoor spigots!  Even the smallest leaks are common, wasteful and expensive; fixing them will reduce your bill!
  6. Shorten your shower time to five minutes and use only 10-25 gallons of water. Filling a bathtub can take up to 70 gallons of water!
  7. Use a broom, not the hose, to clean the sidewalk, patio, or driveway.
  8. Replace old, pre-1994 toilets with high-efficiency toilets (1.28 gallons per flush with a MaP rated 800-1000 grams for best conservation measures).

Calculate water savings and read FAQS, including how to fix leaks.

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Outdoor use:                    

  • Over 50% of household water use is used to water yards and conventional landscapes!
  • Water on designated days and times, according to the Broward County Ordinance noted below.
  • Limit use of fertilizers and pesticides, a leading cause of water pollution.
  • Redirect runoff water from the roof, patio or other areas onto grassy areas.

Indoor use:

  • 26% of water used indoors is via toilets.  See if you qualify for a rebate of up to $100 to change your old, pre-1994 water-guzzling toilet to a high-efficiency toilet that uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush (go to
  • 22% of indoor use is clothes washing; new machines use 16 gallons/load vs. 40 gallons/load old machines.
  • 17% of indoor use is from the shower; use low-flow shower heads, and limit showers to five minutes.
  • 15% of indoor use is from faucets to brush teeth, wash face/hands, shave.

And, so……
If we all save a little, it all adds up to a lot of water saved!

For more tips and additional information, click the links below:

EPA WaterSense Partner - Water Shortage Watch. Keeping an Eye on Water Supply.

Help conserve water and save money too!

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