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Opening A New Account
Accounts are opened in person at City Hall 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.  A $25.00 non-refundable application fee, a deposit, and some paperwork along with proof of ownership are required.  Renters, please have your lease agreement along with this ARO form  completed by the landlord/owner and bring it with you to the Utilities office.  The amount of the deposit is based on the meter size.  Call us at 954-797-2290 during regular business hours if you have any questions.  For Utilities emergencies only, you may call 954-797-2189 evenings and weekends.

Utilities Billing Procedures
You will receive a City of Plantation Utilities bill for your water and sewer service each month. Your meter will be read on approximately a 30-day cycle. If you believe an error has been made in your bill, or if you dispute your obligation to pay the bill, you may contact the Utilities Department.

No Service
If water and sewer service has been disconnected and you believe this is in error, please call the customer service department. When utility service has been discontinued for non-payment, the entire amount of the bill plus any other charges and reconnection fees must be paid in full before service can be restored. If additional information is needed, please call the customer service department.

Security Deposit Refund
Security deposits for utilities customers with the City of Plantation are refunded once the City no longer furnishes service to the customer or 20 years from the date the deposit is received, provided that during the 20-year period no customer defaults have occurred. When an account is closed, the deposit is applied to the final balance and the difference is refunded. If money is owed to the City after the deposit has been applied, a bill will be sent to the customer.

Delinquent Accounts
The City of Plantation water and sewer bills are due upon receipt of the bill and are considered delinquent 21 days from the billing date. The delinquent date is printed on the bill.  If the payment is not received in the office by the time your next bill is printed, a disconnection notice will appear on the bottom of your bill.  Accounts that are not paid immediately as noted on the bottom of your bill are subject to termination of service.

AFT (Automatic Funds Transfer)
To have your Utility payments auto-debited from your account, click the link above to setup your account.

New Water and Sanitary Sewer Rates Have Been Implemented to Encourage Water Conservation – “Phase 2 Water Conservation Rates” are now in effect
The utility bill is made up of two components: a base charge and a consumption charge. If you receive City water and sewer services, you will have a base and a consumption charge for both services. If you have only one service, you will have only the appropriate base and consumption charge.

The base charge is a monthly minimum charge based upon the size of metered service you have. Additionally, you are billed a consumption charge for the amount of water you use. Take a look at the usage number on your bill. Multiply that number by 1,000 to give you the amount of water (in thousands of gallons) you used.

Can you save just a little water each day? If so, it may drop you into the lower tiered rate, and save you money!

“Phase 2 Conservation Rate Adjustment” (ordinance 2430 – approved June 2009) is now in effect.


Utilities Department Customer Service

Utilities Department
400 NW 73rd Avenue
Plantation, FL 33317
Phone: 954-797-2290
Fax: 954-797-2720

Mail your payment to:

City of Plantation Utilities Dept.
P.O. Box 31132
Tampa, FL 33631-3132

Or leave your payment in one of the convenient drop box locations:

City Hall
Central Park Multipurpose Center
Jim Ward Community Center
Volunteer Park

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