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Bid Response and Awards

Purchasing Methods to Obtain Quotations and Bids

The City of Plantation uses the following methods to acquire product and services from its vendors:

  1. $100.00-$3,723.00: City policy requires three or more telephone bids be obtained from different vendors for any purchases.
  2. $3,724.00-$18,615.00: Requires written bids from three or more different vendor sources.
  3. $18,615.00 or Greater: Requires advertisement of the bid at least ten (10) days prior to the opening of the bid. Anything over $18,615.00 requires Council Approval.
  4. Purchases equal to and under $18,615.00: Need Administrative Approval. Purchases over $18,615.00 require Council Approval, in addition to Office of the Mayor/Administrative approval.
  5. A Formal Sealed Bid constitutes the amount of $93,072.00 and higher.
  6. SPECIAL ADVERTISING: Requirements by Florida Statutes requires all Utility Construction Projects in excess of $50,000.00 to be advertised at least once per week for two (2) consecutive weeks with at least ten (10) days elapsing between the date of the first ad and the bid opening. Any purchasing, leasing or renting of materials or equipment to be used for Utility construction having a value in excess of $10,000.00 requires the same notices.

All other City Construction Projects in excess of $200,000. ($50,000.00 for electrical work) shall be advertised at least once and all ads appearing at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the bid opening. If the project exceeds $500,000.00, it shall be advertised at least once and all ads appearing at least thirty (30) days prior to the bid opening.

Procurement Cards

The City of Plantation makes use of the Purchasing Procurement Card Program to streamline the purchasing process for small dollar transactions. Payments for small purchase items may possibly be through the use of the Procurement Card. Vendors who do business with the City of Plantation are requested to accept these cards.

Responding to the Bid Solicitation

Sealed Written Bids: Once a “Request for Proposal’ has been received from the originating department, the Purchasing Division advertises in various methods:

  • The first is an advertisement placed in a local newspaper specifying information essential for responding to the RFP; example: date of opening, title, destination address to send the sealed response. Usually, the advertisement will tell the vendor whom to contact for further information.
  • The second way is through the Internet; as explained earlier, the City of Plantation uses as a means to communicate to those vendors what the City is searching for in regard to that specific bid. Usually, Demand-Star notifies its members through e-mail and fax. All drawings and specifications can be downloaded online. The purpose of this is expediency in receiving information and the ease of getting it. RFP’s are listed by number and Title. Note too, that the city has an FTP site where a vendor can “download” the RFP.
  • The third avenue is done by disk and/or e-mail through the Purchasing Division. Vendors may request this method as a paperless path to obtain a specific RFP.

The RFP will contain the name(s) of the principal individual in charge of the project; cover sheet; scope of services; drawings (if required) questionnaire; criminal entities report; “sample” agreement between the City and (whichever) vendor; General terms and Conditions; and lastly, a Bid Form Proposal.

Upon review, the vendor will see a deadline due date and time by which it must return its response. Paperwork is returned (As a Sealed Proposal) to the City Clerk’s Office, 400 Northwest 73rd Avenue, Plantation, Florida, 33317. Any paperwork returned after that due date and time is considered “Void” and will not be considered for award. The City will then have the option of returning the unopened sealed proposal to the originating vendor, or will retain the unopened bid in their records, stating date and time it was officially received. There are no exceptions to this policy.

In the event of extension errors placed on the Bid Form Proposal, the unit price will prevail and the bidders total offer will be corrected accordingly. Any bids having erasures or corrections must be initialed in ink by the Bidder.

Insurance Requirements

The City of Plantation is self-insured and requires proper insurance based on the cost of the task to be performed.

The City of Plantation requires an original Certificate of Insurance specific to each project and will not accept a faxed Certificate of Insurance, Bid Bond, or Performance Bond.

Bid Awards

Acceptable Bids: As of June 2, 2011, the Sealed RFP process is subject to Chapter 2011-140 of the Florida Statutes. Briefly, this states that ANY sealed proposal  opening will be conducted as an exempt meeting. No Public Personnel or Vendor may attend; upon recommendation of the originating source of the RFP, the City Council will announce the awarded vendor. Only then will this award be publicly known. All solicitors are strongly encouraged to review these Statutes to familiarize themselves with these changes in practice.

In order for the bid to be acceptable, it must have the information originally requested contained in the response of the bid. Omission of crucial information may be cause for bid disqualification. A bidder must have the capability to perform the requested contract requirements. The qualities looked at include, but not limited to, are reliability, integrity, capacity, equipment and credit. There is no special attention given to any vendor who exceeds that which was specified in the bid. It is always the right of the City of Plantation to reject / accept any and all bids it deems necessary for the benefit of the City.

Awards: All recommendations from the Director(s) to whom the bid applies, forwards his requests to City Council for approval. This applies to requests over $18,615.00. If approved by City Council, vendor is notified of award. (Note: All proposals over $93,072.00 are considered a sealed formal proposal).

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