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Welcome to the Purchasing Department. We are comprised of one Manager and three couriers.

It is the responsibility of the Manager to oversee the daily operations of the department and become involved in areas such as RFP’s, RFQ’s, Extensive Comparative Pricing, and Surplus Public Auctions. The daily operation is an involved task, open to the scrutiny of the public for whom it serves professionally.

The Manager also handles the maintenance of stock for the City, keeping the various departments throughout the City well maintained with product that is required to keep these areas functioning.

The couriers responsibility involves the daily deliveries to and from the numerous localities of the City, which is a vital function to keep the communications open between departments. This includes inter-department mail delivery, as well as secured vital information for the purpose of decision making.

The Purchasing Department takes pride in its concise precision to monitor price changes and change of habits in the market place, and makes every effort to keep the City of Plantation the leader in all aspects of City Government.

Introduction: Doing Business with the City of Plantation
This Guide is an information resource to assist vendors who wish to do business with the City of Plantation. It does not replace or supercede the terms or conditions set forth in any Bid Publication or Solicitation. Vendors are advised to follow the instructions regarding the Bid Process.

Non-binding Nature of this Information
This information acts solely as a general summary to those vendors wishing to do business with the City of Plantation. It is not binding in either a legal or regulatory sense. This information does not have the effect of any law, rule or regulation; this publication should not be relied upon by any bidder in determining their own actions.

Purchasing Goals
It is the goal of the Purchasing Division to interact with responsible vendors whose sole purpose is to supply the City of Plantation with the highest level of product and service, maintaining the lowest possible cost. The City of Plantation welcomes new sources of supply and encourages vendors to submit an on-line vendor application.

Becoming a Vendor
The Purchasing Department maintains a Vendor List for products and services procured by the City of Plantation. If you wish to participate, please complete the Vendor Application and a W-9 form. The information entered is stored directly to our Registered Vendor database.  In order to maintain registered vendor status, the Vendor Application must be completed every calendar year.

Vendor Information Alterations
It is the responsibility of the vendor to notify this department with any changes that will alter the mailing or faxing of bids to that vendor. Information such as phone and fax number changes, address changes, etc. must be faxed, mailed, or e-mailed to this division. Any outdated information will be cause for the vendor to be dropped from the Vendor List. A new Vendor Application must then be filled out and sent to this department, listing the current information, with routing options as above.

On The Vendor List? What Happens Now?
After your name has been placed on the Vendors List, you may receive solicitations for Bids, RFQ’s and RFP’s for Formal Bids ($97,023.00 and over). The commodity code you select is what will determine the bid you receive information for. Also, note that the City of Plantation is a member of; this means that the City’s bids are advertised on-line and vendor notification is given to the Vendor prior to Newspaper Publication. You must be a member of to receive this prior notification; however, it is not mandatory to do so, and the Purchasing Division will make every effort to assure you receive notification. Bids would also be available to pick up at the City Hall address.

Auction of Surplus Property
The Purchasing Department surplus auctions are online.  Please note the link below, which will bring you into the site for these items. Dates and time frame deadlines will be posted on the site to keep you abreast of what is occurring.

Note that once the deadline for each item is met, the winning bid will be posted on the site. Items are sold “as-is.” The winner of each bid is expected to present cash, Bankers check, or Certified Cashiers check when picking up the item(s). All checks are to be made out to “The City of Plantation.” All sales are final.

In the event of a vehicle sold, Titles will be awarded to the recipient at the City Clerk’s Office, 400 NW 73 Avenue, Plantation, Florida, 33317. Business hours for this service are 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

A Buyer’s Certificate from “Gov Deals” is required as “proof” that you are the awarded bidder. If a third party is retrieving the item sold, a letter from the awarded bidder must accompany the person taking the merchandise, and presented to the City Clerk (if applicable).

The recipient of the awarded item will have no longer than five (5) business days to retrieve it from City property. That person is responsible for all expenses to remove this merchandise from the City’s site. It is presumed and expected that this action be done immediately after payment and title are received.

The City will not be held liable for any damages incurred for any item sold to the awarded bidder, or any of his/her accompanying parties in removing this item from City property. All questions may be addressed to the City of Plantation Purchasing Department at 954-797-2648. Click here to view the surplus City equipment available. For more information on auctions held by the City of Plantation please click here to view our community calendar of events.

Helpful Hints

  1. Get your company’s name on the City’s Vendor List.
  2. Make sure that all bid documents and quotations are signed by an authorized representative from your company.
  3. Read all bid documents thoroughly; reply with all information requested.
  4. Submit the bid response prior to its due date.
  5. Respond to the bid with what was requested; no substitutions will be recognized unless previously approved in writing by the Director of the Department that the bid affects.
  6. Ask questions prior to submitting your proposal.


Mission Statement
The Purchasing Department is a division of the Financial Services Department with the City of Plantation. Our Mission Statement is:

“To maintain the highest level of product and service for the City, while acquiring the best cost for these resources.”

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (excluding holidays)
Phone: 954-797-2647
Fax: 954-797-2649

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