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Debris Emergency Response

Residents are reminded to separate landscape/vegetation debris from bulk pickup items.The City of Plantation has entered into contracts with CrowderGulf, Ceres Environmental and Bergeron Emergency Management, nationally known debris management contractors, in order to be better prepared for the effects of a major natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado. The goal of City of Plantation is to complete the debris removal from City roads, public rights-of-ways within ninety (90) days of activation of the contract. To the extent possible, we will also attempt to clear private roadways, if it creates a public safety concern. This assumes that the entire area of the City will be accessible within that period. During a major disaster, some areas might not be accessible for several days. If this difficulty occurs, the timeframe may be extended by mutual agreement between the City and the debris removal contractors.

Debris Emergency Response

Debris Response activities occur immediately after a disaster event in order to clear emergency access routes. During a debris response, the City of Plantation will remove debris from all critical streets and City roads sufficient to allow for the movement of emergency vehicles. If requested, the debris removal contractors will assist the City with emergency clearance. Emergency crews may be on-site and working within hours of an event. The City of Plantation will determine priorities for emergency activities with primary emphasis on major thoroughfares.


Storm Debris Cleanup

The general concept of debris removal operations includes multiple, scheduled passes of road on public right-of-ways. This will allow residents to bring debris to the right-of-way as recovery progresses. Besides removing the disaster debris from rights-of-way, CrowderGulf, Ceres Environmental and Bergeron Emergency Services may be tasked with water-way debris removal, removing hanging limbs and trees leaning over the rights-of-ways and on houses or other structures, restoring or demolishing damaged infrastructure, and providing any other disaster response and recovery services as directed by the City.

Debris Recovery Operations


Debris Recovery Operations focus on collecting the debris, reducing and/or recycling, and final disposal. All aspects of the debris operation will be completed following all local, state, and federal regulations under the oversight of the City debris monitor.

To help ensure that debris is collected in the most efficient, safe, and timely manner, the City of Plantation recommends citizens separate debris at the curbside/right-of-way (ROW) by debris type. Citizens should contact the City’s Public Works Department at 954-452-2535 if they have additional questions regarding debris removal procedures and schedules.

Debris Types

  • Vegetative Debris – includes shrubs, palm fronds, tree trimmings, grass and leaves, twigs or cut up branches
  • Construction & Demolition Debris (C&D) – materials relating directly to construction or demolition of buildings, such as cement, dry-wall, glass, insulation, concrete blocks, etc
  • White Goods Debris – appliances, including refrigerators, ranges, washing machines, clothes dryers, freezers, microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc
  • E-Goods Debris – Electronics, including TVs, computers, stereos, phones, DVD players, etc.

The following two images below provide homeowners with a good depiction of appropriate right-of-way segregation procedures for the different types of debris. Using this segregation method will expedite the debris removal operation.

WM Irma debris   debris3

  • For questions, call the City’s Public Works department at 954-452-2535.
  • For more information on debris removal options visit the City’s Emergency Management site.
  • For more information on how to prepare for a natural disaster please visit, or the City’s Emergency Management site.

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