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Plantation Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) – 2019


The City of Plantation created the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) on February 2000 by enacting City Ordinance No. 2210 and, established in accordance to the Community Redevelopment Act of 1969, Chapter 163, Title XI, Part III “Community Development” (as amended), Florida Statutes.  This Ordinance ratified the findings and determinations of necessity originally promulgated in City Resolution No.7350 which deemed the SR 7 corridor in urgent need of redevelopment due to extensive deterioration of building structures and streets, sidewalks and landscaping, lack of property maintenance, absence of adequate parking and, significant commercial space vacancies.

The “finding of necessity” as promulgated in City Resolutions No.7193 and No.7350 served as the basis for the City to designate the Plantation Gateway Development District as a Community Redevelopment Area.

Chapter 163 authorizes the local government to utilize tax increment financing (TIF) as a funding source for redevelopment in the designated community redevelopment area.  Consistent with the Statute and approved by Broward County the City established by ordinance, a CRA Redevelopment Trust Fund where all property tax revenue collected from the Community Redevelopment Area is subsequently deposited. The Redevelopment Trust Fund is where all the funds for future investments in the CRA are maintained (for details on TIF and the Trust Fund please go to the Financial Information tab). 

The City of Plantation Community Redevelopment Area is approximately 400 acres in size and is bounded on the north, east and south by the municipal boundaries of the City of Plantation and on the west to the full extent of commercially zoned properties and corresponding official City Zoning Map contiguous to and west of State Road 7.  The Redevelopment Area represents approximately less than 2% of the City’s total area.

Governing Body

The City of Plantation Community Redevelopment Agency is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of the City’s elected officials.  This agency is a separate legal entity district from the City of Plantation.  On August 17, 1999, through Resolution 1999-1006, the City Council of the City of Plantation, was delegated the following powers by Broward County:

  1. To make a finding that there is a need for an Agency to function in the City.
  2. To adopt a resolution declaring the need for an Agency in the City.
  3. To create an Agency.
  4. To appoint a Board of Commissioners for the Agency.
  5. To designate a Chair and Vice-Chair from among the Commissioners.
  6. To employ an Executive Director, technical experts and such other agents and employees as it deems necessary for the Agency.
  7. To employ and retain legal counsel and staff.
  8. To appropriate to the Agency, from City funds, such amounts as the City deems necessary for the administrative expenses and overhead of the Agency.
  9. To remove a Commissioner from the Agency.
  10. To declare the governing body of the City to be the Agency.
  11. To prepare a Community Redevelopment Plan.

The above referenced powers were established by the City Council for the purposes of the Agency’s operations and to develop and effectuate the CRA Redevelopment Plan.  In its Ordinance creating the Agency, the Plantation City Council has retained certain powers in some cases mandated by State Statutes.  These powers reserved by the City Governing body are as follows:

  1. The power to determine that an area is a slum and blighted area, or combination thereof; to designate such area as appropriate for community redevelopment; and to hold public hearings on these matters.
  2. The power to grant final approval to the Community Redevelopment Plan and any modifications.
  3. The power to authorize the issuance of revenue bonds as set forth in §163.385, F.S.
  4. The power to approve the acquisition, demolition, removal, or disposal of property as provided in § 163.370(3), F.S., and the power to assume the responsibility to bear loss as provided in § 163.370(3), F.S.
  5. The power to approve the development of community policing innovations.
  6. The power to amend the City Comprehensive Plan, amend the zoning laws and to rezone land within the Redevelopment Area, and to exercise other powers as a regulatory entity over land development, or otherwise enact laws which affect property within the Community Redevelopment Area.

The CRA Board of Directors is made up of the following elected officials:

  • Mayor Lynn Stoner
  • Councilmember Erik Anderson
  • Councilmember Denise Horland
  • Councilmember Mark Hyatt
  • Councilmember Ron Jacobs
  • Councilmember Nick Sortal

The CRA Board of Director meets monthly on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30 P.M. at Plantation City Hall located at 400 NW 73 Avenue in Plantation.  Meetings are streamed live on the Internet    Meeting dates, agendas and minutes can be viewed at

If you are a property or business owner in the Plantation CRA and would like to view upcoming meeting agendas, please go to the City of Plantation website pages mentioned in the preceding paragraph above. For questions regarding your business in the CRA please contact Carlos Andres Gonzalez, Redevelopment Administrator, at the Community Redevelopment Office at 954-797-2768 or via e-mail at or visit us at  and click CRA on the Special Districts tab.

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*The City of Plantation follows the Broward County Government Code of Ethics

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