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A group ‘Sharing Their Love of Trees’

Objective: The tree is the backbone of the city’s infrastructure. Like the bones in our body, they form the support and framework of the landscape. The City is committed to: Adding Canopy; Preserving Canopy; Restoring Canopy; Pruning for safety & tree structure. We look to replant, nurture, teach and rebuild lost, fragile aged infrastructure. The Shade Brigade Team seeks to be the backbone of resident infrastructure building a caring and sharing body of people committed to trees.

Mission Statement:  Stewards of urban reforestation:

  • Understand Plantation’s tree canopy history
  • Learn tree biology – structure, roots, canopy
  • Choose good quality trees – Florida Grades and Standards
  • Select trees with single leader structure, when possible, and outreaching roots
  • Learn many species of trees tolerant of our soil, climate and specific sites
  • Promote tree planting – through interaction with the community
  • Teach proper planting – Local planting projects
  • Care after Establishment: watering, mulching
  • Proper Pruning:  Healthy techniques and hiring an Arborist
  • Evaluating the canopy:  age, condition, location, safety factors
  • Identifying significant trees in the city

What Can the Plantation Shade Brigade do to accomplish this goal?

  • Learn:  Understand the mechanics and biology of trees and gather knowledge
  • Teach, show, instruct others about trees
  • Participate in local tree plantings and grants
  • Respond to schools, individuals, HOA’s and those needing tree information
  • Suggest tree species and identify Plantation’s noteworthy trees
  • Meet your neighbors, make new friends

Attend monthly exchange of ideas meeting. Trade plants. Have fun!

March 20th, 2014 Meeting Notice

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