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Mission Statement

We take pride on bridging the natural aesthetics of the environment with the element of change, progress and sustainable living.  We provide a level of commitment that builds upon professionalism, quality of service and stewardship that is symbiotic, purposeful and forward thinking.

Our Goals

  1. Creation and preservation of City aesthetics and natural resources.
  2. Enhanced public relations and education.
  3. Coordinate efforts in design and implementation of capital projects with other City departments.



The Benefits of Trees

Trees play a very important role in the stabilization of the earth’s environment. When most of us look at trees, we look at them from an aesthetic prospective. While they are important aesthetically, they also serve a multitude of purposes in sustaining life on Earth.

These include:

  • Providing shade, which helps conserve energy (which in turn helps reduce pollution)
  • Helping cleanse the air by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide and replacing it with life-giving oxygen
  • Providing shelter and food for wildlife
  • Lowering air temperature by evaporating water in leaves
  • Cutting down noise pollution by acting as sound barriers
  • Providing privacy and prevent soil erosion
  • Creating a pleasant pedestrian-scaled environment




National Wildlife FederationThe City of Plantation is seeking to become a registered National Wildlife Community Habitat as a commitment to protect our wildlife for future generations. Join this worthy community effort and certify your home, place of business or school today!

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